Jasmine Audio バーティカル レコードプレーヤーが「特選街」で紹介

"Jasmine Audio Vertical Record Player" will be introduced in the August issue of "Specialty Town"!

Jasmine Audio Vertical record player is
A novel design that further emphasizes the beautiful form of the retro turntable.

● Records play a leading role in the interior.
● Hi-Fi sound. It has a built-in speaker and you can enjoy music only with the main unit.
● Compatible with Bluetooth4 .0, you can enjoy the sound of records with Bluetooth compatible devices.
● Playback is possible from an external speaker via RCA connection.

This time, in the "Test Room of the Month" of the magazine "Specialty Street" (August 2021 issue)
"Jasmine Audio Vertical Record Player" was introduced!

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