「Jasmine Audio バーティカル レコードプレーヤー」がタクシー内サイネージで紹介

"Jasmine Audio Vertical Record Player" is introduced at the signage in the taxi!

A highly interior vertical record player that allows you to stand up a vinyl record and enjoy music.
It is a new generation record player that you can easily enjoy the sound with the built-in speaker, and you can upgrade the system at any time by connecting to the external speaker with Bluetooth or RCA.

This product was introduced in the One Media x Tokyo Prime "more 1 meter" project.
Don't miss the video distribution in taxi cars such as Nihon Kotsu and Teito Jidosha Kotsu, which run in 10 cities nationwide!

Delivery period: 2 weeks from January 18th (Monday) to January 31st (Sunday), 2021

Product page
https: // gloture. jp / products / jasmine-audio-vertical-record-player