「Nanoleaf Shapes シリーズ」が読売テレビ『大阪ほんわかテレビ』で紹介

"Nanoleaf Shapes Series" was introduced on Yomiuri TV "Osaka Honwaka TV"!

"Nanoleaf Shapes Series" ( "Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles" "Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles Mini" "Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon" ) was introduced on the Yomiuri TV "Osaka Honwaka TV" broadcast from 15:00 to 16:00 on July 11th!

The mysterious lighting that can be freely combined in various shapes and can be illuminated in various ways through apps and smart home devices will surely dye your daily life into entertainment in the near future. ..

Please use this opportunity!

Product details

◎ "Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles":

◎ "Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles Mini":

◎ "Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon":