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[CANON / NIKON compatible] Remote control of SLR with a smartphone "CASE Air"

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There are digital cameras that do not fit this product. Be sure to read the "Compatible Digital Cameras" section.

CASE Air is the world's smallest digital single-lens wireless controller. By converting the camera to Wi-Fi, it is the strongest camera accessory that realizes remote control of the camera on terminals such as smartphones and tablets.

-Remote control of live view, parameter adjustment, shots, etc.
・ Advanced shooting such as time lapse, HDR, and focus stacking is possible for entry cameras.
・ Photos are automatically transferred to your device for quick photo confirmation and sharing.

Remote live view

You can check the shooting scene from your smartphone or tablet with the remote live view function away from dangerous environments.

Parameter adjustment

Almost all parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white balance can be adjusted on terminals such as smartphones and tablets.
The familiar app makes it easy for beginners to operate the camera.

Long exposure shooting

The Bulb function has two patterns, manual and timer, and anyone can easily operate it.

Time lapse

Time-lapse photography can now be taken even with an entry-level digital SLR camera.
* Only the shooting function is included, but special software is required for compositing.


HDR shooting is now possible even with an entry-level digital SLR camera.
* Only the shooting function is included, but special software is required for compositing.

The strongest tool for composition and focusing

In addition to the grid, histogram, and enlargement functions that are often used for composition, it also has a peaking function for more accurate focusing, so even professionals can fully utilize it.
* The peaking and histogram functions cannot be used with Android and Windows apps.

Quick view

Since the camera screen is small, I think it is inconvenient when checking large size photos, but with CASE Air, the photos taken with the camera are automatically transferred to the smartphone or tablet, and the photos are displayed on the large screen. It will be possible to check.

Share photos quickly

If your device is in an internet environment, the photos taken by the camera can be quickly shared with family and friends via the device, and you can immediately share the moving scenes.

Compatible digital cameras

Compatible terminals

CASE Air can be used not only for smartphones and tablets equipped with iOS and Android, but also for PC terminals equipped with OS X and Windows.
You can easily control the camera just by installing the dedicated app.
* Please use iOS 8.0, Android 4.0.3, Mac 10.10 and Windows 7 or later OS.

About installation of CASE Air

The CASE Air comes with a hot shoe adapter, which makes it very easy to attach to your camera. You can also use the strap to attach it wherever you like.

Product Specifications

frequently asked Questions

Q: Is the dedicated app a Japanese version?
A: The app is available in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Q: What is the mechanism for controlling the camera with CASE Air?
A: CASE Air itself is a Wi-Fi hotspot that can communicate wirelessly with devices such as iOS and Android, and realizes control by connecting the camera with a cable and transmitting instructions from the device to the camera. Did.

Q: Can I use CASE Air if I don't have a network?
A: As the answer to the above question, CASE Air itself creates a network, so it can be used even if there is no network environment.

Q: My camera has Wi-Fi capability, can I control the camera with the CASE app?
A: It cannot be used. In order to use the CASE App, the CASE hardware must be set in the applicable camera.

Q: Is it possible to control multiple cameras with one CASE Air?
A: No, you can't. One CASE Air can only be used with one camera.

Q: What is the communication range of CASE Air?
A: Theoretically, the maximum communication distance is 50m, but the communication distance varies depending on the obstacles in the usage environment and the condition of radio wave interference.

Q: What is the communication speed when downloading photos?
A: The theoretical communication speed is 3M / s, but the communication speed varies depending on the usage environment (obstacles, radio wave interference, camera model).

Q: Is there a time lag?
A: Yes. Most similar products have a time lag issue. There is a large variation depending on the model of the camera used and the radio wave environment. As a reference, if you set the CASE Air to Canon's EOS Kiss5, 1m away from the terminal, and use it in a daily radio wave environment, the time lag of live view is about 0.4S.


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