Nintendo Switchでワイヤレス・オーディオを楽しもう!Bluetoothアダプター/トランスミッターGeeDot【aptX LL対応/PS5/PS4/PC/ラップトップ】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
Nintendo Switchでワイヤレス・オーディオを楽しもう!Bluetoothアダプター/トランスミッターGeeDot【aptX LL対応/PS5/PS4/PC/ラップトップ】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

Enjoy wireless audio with Nintendo Switch! Bluetooth adapter / transmitter GeeDot [aptX LL compatible / PS5 / PS4 / PC / laptop]

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Realism increases with low delay!
High quality bluetooth adapter

Compatible models: Nintendo Switch / PS5 / PS4 / PC / Laptop

  • Play game sounds from earphones, headphones and speakers via Bluetooth
  • Thorough low-latency design minimizes deviation from the game screen
  • Compatible with various models
  • One can connect to two earphones
  • USB-A, USB-C connection

Thorough low-latency design minimizes deviation from the game screen

Have you ever had a situation where the video and sound didn't match when you were playing a game? GeeDot is Reduce sound connection delay Compatible with aptX LL.
You can concentrate and immerse yourself in the game.

* The earphone to be connected must also support aptX LL.


[Conventional transmitter method]

In the conventional transmitter method, analog and digital conversion is performed twice due to the configuration.
However, it is generally said that this conversion process degrades the signal and causes a delay.
This results in poor sound quality and delayed hearing defects from the game screen.

[ GeeDot Excellent low latency design]

The digital audio signal in the Switch is transmitted as it is via Bluetooth via the USB-A / USB-C port.
In this case, since there is no conversion process between analog and digital, you can hear extremely clear sound from earphones and speakers without any deviation from the game screen.


One At GeeDot Can be connected to two earphones

You can play against each other on the go and enjoy video services such as Youtube with two people.

With AirPod AirPod Pro It is possible to connect to.


USB-A and USB-C Corresponds to both

Since it can be connected with both A type and C type, it can be used for various devices.


Compact design that does not get in the way

Since it is a thin body, it does not get in the way even if it is attached to the Nintendo Switch.


Product Specifications

GeeDot is Models that do not support Bluetooth (PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch main unit version less than 13.0.0) It is a convenient item that can be connected to Bluetooth!

Connection type USB-A, USB-C
size 55 * 17 * 7mm
Connectable distance About 10m
Country of origin China
weight About 4.5g
Support code aptX LL / aptX / SBC / A2DP / HSP
Compatible models Nintendo Switch / PS5 / PS4 / PC / Laptop
Compatible earphones AirPod / AirPod Pro
SBC compatible earphones
aptX compatible earphones
Earphones compatible with aptX LL * Supports low delay

* The main body does not need to be charged.


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