本格ホットコーヒー&水出しコーヒー抽出をこれ一台で! 天然陶器コーヒードリッパー HOFFE Ⅱ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
本格ホットコーヒー&水出しコーヒー抽出をこれ一台で! 天然陶器コーヒードリッパー HOFFE Ⅱ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
本格ホットコーヒー&水出しコーヒー抽出をこれ一台で! 天然陶器コーヒードリッパー HOFFE Ⅱ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
本格ホットコーヒー&水出しコーヒー抽出をこれ一台で! 天然陶器コーヒードリッパー HOFFE Ⅱ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

Authentic hot coffee & cold brew coffee extraction with this one! Natural Pottery Coffee Dripper HOFFE Ⅱ

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HOFFEⅡ is a coffee dripper that was developed by a popular cafe in Taiwan and is particular about taste and design.
Reproduces the unique flavor of hand drip that took time and effort.

● A special two-layer structure keeps hot and ice at the right temperature
● Adjust the drip speed to your liking
● Extractor that maximizes the aroma of coffee
● Simple structure that is easy to wash

I want to easily drink coffee that has a high aroma and taste like that of a specialty store!
… But when it comes to brewing yourself, it's quite difficult to get the taste and aroma you like, right?
"HOFFEⅡ" will fulfill your wishes!
Maximize the aroma of coffee that fills your nose In the extraction device, Create the strength of your taste Drip adjustment function, so that you can enjoy delicious coffee all year round One ice cream and one hot I made it possible with!

Introducing a new color to the popular coffee dripper!

In addition to the conventional WHITE model (left photo), PINK (center) and BLUE model (right) have been added.

Hot and ice, both with this one

In 2017, HOFFE Design developed Taiwan's first coffee dripper that can brew both hot and iced coffee.
HOFFEⅡ supports not only the hand drip required for hot coffee, but also the water drip that is indispensable for brewing authentic Dutch coffee (dashi coffee).
This makes it possible to choose hot or iced coffee according to the season and mood, such as cold Dutch coffee in the summer and warm drip coffee in the winter.


Made of pottery and realizes a surprising heat insulation structure. HOFFE II created by skilled craftsmen

The white body of HOFFEⅡ is made of 100% natural pottery, which is carefully baked one by one in Yingge, Taiwan, which is famous as a pottery town. Skilled craftsmen have realized a two-layer structure that is originally difficult with pottery. This has a heat insulating effect that makes it difficult for the contents to cool down and warm up. Not only the gentle touch of natural pottery and safety to the body, but also the high practicality of heat insulation is one of the pride.

In addition, HOFFE is particular about pottery not only because of its appearance but also because it is kind to the body. In Taiwan, we aimed for a product that can be used with peace of mind because there was a problem with the plasticizer used in plastic products in the past.

陶器製で驚きの断熱構造を実現。熟練の職人が生み出したHOFFE II

Insulation design to prevent burns

Because of the two-layer structure, there is no risk of burns even if you add hot coffee. Of course, you don't have to worry about the coffee inside getting cold or warm quickly.


Extractor that maximizes the aroma of coffee

The coffee brewing part is a closed type. Since the aroma is tightly confined and extracted, the finished coffee will give off a richer aroma and will make your whole body relaxed.


Drip function that allows you to easily adjust the taste and intensity

You can finely control the amount of water to drip with the stepless adjustment knob, so you can customize the taste and strength of the coffee to your liking.


Patented drip method for balanced flavor

Shower-like drip with patented technology. The characteristic pattern of holes creates a well-balanced flavor with dark / light unevenness.


Easy-care structure

HOFFEⅡ has a simple structure and parts can be easily removed. Easy to wash and clean.


Easy to use!



We have received a lot of high praise from overseas media and customers!



Line up

Available in 3 colors: WHITE, BLUE, and PINK.

Product Specifications



HOFFE COFFEE is a brand that consistently designs coffee equipment (HOFFE Design) and roasts coffee beans in-house so that many people can enjoy really delicious coffee. We opened a fan page on Facebook five years ago and have been actively interacting with coffee lovers and consumers who share our philosophy. Shortly thereafter, we started selling our own coffee makers and coffee beans online. In 2018, we succeeded in further expanding the sales channels such as offline, and now many cafes in Taiwan are using HOFFE coffee makers.

We also carry HOFFE COFFEE products!

Just push and turn. Coffee dripper HOFFE ONE that you can easily enjoy the taste of hand drip



Media publication results

Precious.jp HOFFE COFFEE's "HOFFE II" (published May 5, 2020), where you can easily drink delicious and aromatic coffee


please note

Due to the influence of the lighting environment, the color of the photo and the actual product may look different.





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