「HPRT」リモートワークや外出中の急なプリントアウトに! ワイヤレスポータブルプリンター【Bluetooth接続/軽量694g】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
「HPRT」リモートワークや外出中の急なプリントアウトに! ワイヤレスポータブルプリンター【Bluetooth接続/軽量694g】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
「HPRT」リモートワークや外出中の急なプリントアウトに! ワイヤレスポータブルプリンター【Bluetooth接続/軽量694g】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

"HPRT" For remote work and sudden printouts while on the go! Wireless portable printer [Bluetooth connection / lightweight 694g]

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HPRT ワイヤレス ポータブル プリンター

・ Easy to carry with only 310.5 * 63.5 * 39.5mm / 694g
・ Because it is a wireless design, you can carry it around and use it on the go.
・ Supports A4 paper, making printing work at work and at home very simple
・ Automatically captures paper without slippage
・ You can connect from your computer or smartphone using the dedicated app.
・ Achieves a longer duration with a large capacity battery

Printers are one of the indispensable tools for work.

However, ordinary printers are big and heavy, and you can't even carry them around. But the situation of "I want to print materials and reports!" Occurs only when I'm out, right?

Therefore, we will introduce the next-generation wireless portable printer "HPRT Printer"!

The compact HPRT printer not only allows you to store it in a small space, but it also has a wireless design so you can carry it around and use it on the go! As we continue to work in a new way of working, remote work, which has become widespread due to the influence of the coronavirus, many people may need a printer at home.

The "HPRT Printer" can be used anytime, anywhere, regardless of where you work. You can print out the materials you need at your own hands without having to line up at work or at a convenience store printer, so you can maintain both work efficiency and social distance.




Edit and print out anytime, anywhere!

Easy to print teaching materials for children and learning materials for yourself!


The "HRPT Printer" is designed to be extremely easy to use, and you can easily print from your smartphone as well as from your laptop computer with just a few operations.


Until now, printing work has been very troublesome. It takes a lot of steps to connect to the code, download the software, and print it. Say goodbye to such complicated steps. "HP RT printer" is connected by Bluetooth. Printing has become very simple!


No more boring meetings to rewrite your contract.

With the "HPRT Printer", you can edit, modify, and print out contracts on the spot while having a meeting. Not only will your contract go smoother than ever, but you'll also be able to hold meetings anywhere, including restaurants, coffee shops, and hotel lounges.


I forgot the documents to submit to the government office ...! Even in such a case, it is okay if you have "HPRT". Print the necessary documents saved on your computer or smartphone on the spot. If you forget your paperwork, don't worry about it anymore.


"HP RT Printer" can also print smartphone data!
Even when you want to have blueprints and materials at hand while working such as DIY, you can easily print them immediately.

The appeal of HPRT printers

Automatically captures paper without slippage

The "HP RT Printer" is equipped with a powerful paper capture function. Start printing by loading the print paper into the import slot. The paper is taken straight in without slipping.


High resolution of 300 DPI

The "HP RT Printer" has a high resolution of 300 DPI, which makes a clear copy of documents and other materials in every detail. Enjoy high-quality printing no matter where you print at home, in a cafe, or outdoors!


Compact and light

The printer weighs only 694g (excluding the ribbon) / 766g (including the ribbon) and is easy to carry around when you go out, so you can print files at work!


HPRT APP cooperation

"HPRT printer" can be connected not only with a computer but also with a smartphone! You can easily set it up by using the dedicated app.


BLUETOOTH connection

You can connect to the printer via Bluetooth and print with one tap.


Long battery connection time

The "HP RT Printer" is equipped with a large-capacity battery to extend the battery life. If you combine it with a portable battery, you can print for a longer time.


Product structure


Product comparison


Very easy to use

Product Specifications



As a company in the thermal printing industry, HPRT has honed its expertise and services over the years since its inception, constantly providing the perfect printing solution. Currently, the R & D team has more than 200 members and has more than 100 invention patents. All HPRT employees have a strong belief in their daily work to make their lives and work more convenient and comfortable.

frequently asked Questions

Q Does this printer require thermal paper?
You don't need to use thermal paper because you can print on regular A4 paper with the A Ink Ribbon.

Q Is it possible to print using ink cartridges?
A Ink cartridges are not supported. Use the ink ribbon instead of the cartridge for printing.

* Please note that this printer does not support color printing.

Q How many sheets of A4 paper can be printed with one ink ribbon?
A You can print about 100 sheets of A4 paper with one ink ribbon.

Q How do I connect my printer to my laptop? Where can I download the printer driver?
A Please download the driver from the URL below. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to configure the settings. The driver can be downloaded from the URL below: http://www.hprt.com/hprt/products/searchs.html?names=MT800

Q How long does it take to fully charge? How many sheets of paper can I print at one time?
A It takes about 2 hours to fully charge. When fully charged, you can print about 70 sheets at a time. * Actual drive time varies depending on usage conditions.


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