RIWA マイナスイオン カールアイロン【植物オイル配合/自動電源オフ機能/3段階温度調節/立ち上がり最短30秒】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
RIWA マイナスイオン カールアイロン【植物オイル配合/自動電源オフ機能/3段階温度調節/立ち上がり最短30秒】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

RIWA Negative Ion Curl Iron [Vegetable oil blending / Automatic power off function / 3-step temperature control / Shortest rise 30 seconds]

Sale price$38.00
Curl thickness:32mm
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Negative ion curl iron
With this one, you can make your ideal moisturized curly hair!

A popular curl iron that is easy to use and has a cute design.

  • Negative ion function that realizes hair that is easy to finger
  • Use a plate containing nut oil that is good for hair
  • Easy to use with 3-step temperature control
  • Speedy start-up in just 30 seconds. Styling is decided in just 5 minutes.

Recommended convenient functions

Styling is decided in just 5 minutes!

Static electricity suppression

Equipped with negative ion function

Emits negative ions from the outlet during styling to cover the cuticle.
By suppressing static electricity, which can cause dryness, it leads to cohesive hair that is easy to finger.

Achieves hair-friendly styling

Ceramic coating x vegetable oil plate

The plate has a coating that contains nut oil that is good for hair.
It has high thermal conductivity and enables speedy and even styling.
It also reduces upward friction and protects your hair from damage.

Negative ion function + vegetable oil plate

Hair care can be done while styling

3-step temperature adjustment possible

The best temperature for you according to your hair quality

Perfect for busy mornings

Rise time minimum 30 seconds

Pip, the target temperature has been reached

Convenient alarm function

Notification of heating completion

Safe and secure

Attention to detail

* Please note that the color may differ slightly between the photo and the actual product.

List of contents

Product Specifications

Size model number RB-8322-28 / 32
Rated voltage AC100V-240V (overseas support OK)
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated power consumption 52 / 57W
Curl thickness 28 / 32mm
Body dimensions 377mm x 63mm x 42mm
Power cord length 180cm

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