Schatzii BULLET2.0 ハイエンドTWSイヤフォン【クリスタルクリアな音質/超軽量4.7g/36時間再生/大容量バッテリー】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

Schatzii BULLET2.0 High-end TWS earphones [Crystal clear sound quality / ultra-lightweight 4.7g / 36 hours playback / large capacity battery]

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High-spec TWS earphones for true wireless freedom

The Schatzii BULLET 2.0 TWS earphones feature a crystal-clear sound quality and a special case that can be used for a long time with a large capacity battery.
High-end earphones used by NBA professional basketball player Jordan Bell and artist T-PAIN.

Schatzii BULLET 2.0 allows you to enjoy calls and music with very clear sound quality. We carry a limited edition BLACK EDITION.

● Ultra-lightweight 4.7g
● Supports the latest Bluetooth V5.0
● Enjoy calls and music with crystal clear sound quality
● CVC active noise suppression + echo cancellation
● Comfortable design based on ergonomics
● The charging case with a large capacity battery fully charges the earphones up to 12 times.
● Slim appearance with embedded microphone
● Maximum call / music playback time: Approximately 36 hours in total (when the charging case is used 12 times)
● Charging time: Approximately 1.5 hours
● Standby time: Approximately 300 hours

真のワイヤレスフリーダムを実現したハイスペックTWSイヤフォン Schatzii BULLET2.0

BULLET2.0 is the world's smallest and lightest Bluetooth earphone that weighs only 4.7g (one side). BULLET 2.0 is compatible with the latest Bluetooth V5.0. Equipped with a portable charging case with a large capacity battery of 2100mAh, you can fully charge your earphones up to 12 times. You can also charge your smartphone.

BULLET2.0 is equipped with CVC active noise reduction + echo cancellation to suppress unwanted noise. Enjoy the ultimate in comfortable music experience without the hassle of earphone cables.

[NBA professional basketball player Jordan Bell also loves it! ]

NBAプロバスケットボールプレーヤー Jordan Bellも愛用!

BULLET 2.0's futuristic design and stylish look are highly regarded. BULLET 2.0's unrivaled style and state-of-the-art technology make it the most advanced and smallest Bluetooth earphone ever.

[Artist T-PAIN also highly appreciates the functionality of BULLET 2.0! ]

アーティスト T-PAIN もBULLET2.0の機能性を高く評価!

Eliminate the hassle of cables with TWS earphones


Achieve true wireless freedom

World's smallest class stereo earphones


Bluetooth 5.0 stereo earphones

Ergonomic and comfortable design. It's so natural that you forget to wear it on your ears.

Bluetooth 5.0ステレオイヤフォン

Magnet fixed charging slot

The BULLET 2.0 charging case features a quick access to the earphones by omitting the cover, but the earphones are designed to be firmly fixed to the case by a magnet to prevent them from falling off or being lost.


Crystal clear sound

Active noise reduction + echo cancellation by CVC technology
Sophisticated modern design with embedded high-performance microphone


State-of-the-art design

Ultra-slim outer shape, ultra-lightweight earphones.
Weight is only 4.7g on one side


Large capacity 2100mAh charging case

Earphones can be fully charged up to 12 times. Protect your earphones.
You can use a general-purpose micro USB charging cable to charge the earphone case. It is also possible to charge your smartphone.


BULLET's excellent design

Bullet2.0 is designed to be the world's smallest and lightest class True Wireless earphones. The design inspiration is inspired by aerospace vehicles that are reminiscent of the near future. The charging case is shaped like a rocket ship, and the earphones are its "command module". It can be easily removed from the case when making a call or playing music.

Since there is no earphone cable, there is no entanglement and it is a very functional and comfortable design. The earphones have a double concentric design around the base, with a sleek chrome finish for a modern accent.

The charging case is made of ultra-lightweight aluminum with a slim shape and has an alumite and hairline finish. The charging case protects the earphones from shocks and is equipped with a large capacity battery so that the earphones can be fully charged up to 12 times.

Bullet 2.0 aims to be an earphone that is comfortable to carry and has a lightweight design.


Color variations

The SILVER model will appear in the video, but we only sell BLACK (limited model).


Product Specifications

External dimensions (Earphone) Approx. 14x Approx. 21mm (Portable charging case) Approx. 91x Approx. 41x Approx. 23.5mm
weight (Earphones) Approximately 4.7g each (Portable charging case) Approximately 83g
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery
Battery input (Earphone) 5V / 35mA (Portable charging case) 5V / 1A
Battery output (portable charging case) (To earphones) 5V / 200mA (USB output) 5V / 1A
Battery capacity (Earphone) 55mAh (Portable charging case) 2100mAh
charging time (Earphone) ≤ 90 minutes (Portable charging case) ≤ 150 minutes
Standby time (Power on) Approximately 27 hours (Power off) Approximately 120 days
Continuous operation time (Music playback) Approximately 2 hours (Call) Approximately 3 hours
Frequency special 100Hz-20kHz
Bluetooth (Version) 5.0 (Profile) HFP, HSP, AVRCP, A2DP and SPP
Frequency characteristic 100Hz-20kHz
Audio function Noise reduction and echo cancellation


Founded in 2011, Schatzii is a San Francisco-based company known for its industry-leading mobile accessories and personal electronics products. Schatzii provides innovative technologies to consumers and retailers around the world and continues to create exciting new products that offer unmatched style and functionality. Backed by luxury goods Fancy and the Robb Report, Schatzii was introduced to "Redefining Audio" as "the brand that makes the products worn by James Bond." Our approach to creating unique personal electronics products is defined by providing intelligent features + smart design, allowing Schatzii to skillfully create cutting-edge accessories for all types of consumers. Schatzii continues to develop ideas that will help you improve your life and provide a great experience. We believe that products should be beautiful without giving up on both functionality and style.

frequently asked Questions

Q Does Bullet 2.0 work on my smartphone?
A Yes, Bullet 2.0 works with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and music players.

Q Bullet2.0 earphones are very small, will I lose them?
A The portable charging case has two magnetic earphone slots designed to prevent the earphones from falling off. It is also safe and secure inside the case when not in use. Therefore, the earphones will not come off the case even if the charging case is turned over or shaken.

Q How long is the earphone talk time and music time?
A It depends on the volume, but it takes about 3 to 4 hours on average. Playing music continuously at high volume will drain the battery faster.

Q How many times can I charge my earphones without recharging the charging case?
The A case can fully charge the earphones up to 12 times.

Q What is the product warranty?
A The manufacturer's warranty applies ( See link ).


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