senz° automatic deluxe(センズ オートマチック デラックス)風速100kmの暴風に耐える折りたたみ傘【ワンタッチ自動開閉・独自の空力設計・UPF50+紫外線ブロック・速乾生地】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
senz° automatic deluxe(センズ オートマチック デラックス)風速100kmの暴風に耐える折りたたみ傘【ワンタッチ自動開閉・独自の空力設計・UPF50+紫外線ブロック・速乾生地】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

senz ° automatic deluxe Folding umbrella that can withstand storms with a wind speed of 100km [One-touch automatic opening and closing, original aerodynamic design, UPF50 + UV block, quick-drying fabric]

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Folding umbrella resistant to storms, top model senz ° automatic deluxe

The senz ° automatic deluxe is a state-of-the-art folding umbrella with an automatic opening and closing function, born at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Unique aerodynamic design and fiberglass reinforced skeleton It can withstand storms up to a wind speed of 100km / h.

Also, due to the special design with a large rear part of the umbrella, The back side is hard to get wet and is comfortable.

The automatic opening and closing function allows you to deploy the umbrella with a single touch.

It can also be used as a parasol due to the UV blocking function of UPF50 +.

He has won all design awards around the world, including the Red Dot Design Award (2007) and the Good Design Award (2008). Both functionality and design are gaining support.

Withstands storms up to 100km / h

senz ° has been thoroughly tested for durability under a variety of adverse conditions. Thanks to its unique asymmetrical shape, senz ° resists the wind trying to turn inside out.


By repeating research and development, we have realized a durable structure.

Can be used in all seasons

It can also be used as a parasol with the UV protection function of UPF50 +. The ultimate folding umbrella that you can spend comfortably throughout the year.

Highest level of water repellency

Just by opening and closing the umbrella lightly, the cloth surface will be almost dry, so you can fold it with the water drops well cut.


Reliable design, no sharp protrusions

The tip is covered with a protector to protect the eyes of yourself and those around you.


Automatic opening and closing with one touch

It can be operated easily with one hand. The grip is finished with leather so it is comfortable to touch.


Compact and unobtrusive

The senz ° automatic deluxe can be stored very small and has a beautiful design that you will always want to carry around.

It's so sturdy that you can protect yourself from the wind and weather whenever you need it.



Pure black, Available in two colors, midnight blue.


Product Specifications

size Approx. 91 x Approx. 91 x Approx. 55.5 (height when unfolded) cm
weight About 450g
Wind resistance 100km / h
Material 100% polyester%
Country of origin China

The beginning of senz °

senz ° was developed in 2006 by three Dutch students at the Delft University of Technology (Gerwin Hoogendoorn, Gerard Kool and Philip Hess) to solve umbrella usability and environmental issues. Did you know that more than a billion umbrellas are thrown away every year? The excellent design of senz ° has realized an eco-friendly and long-lasting umbrella. Since its launch in 2006, more than 3 million people around the world have chosen the senz ° umbrella. Senz ° has won numerous international design awards.

[Warranty details and period]

・ 2 years after purchase
・ For customers who purchase at our shop
・ Warranty in case of force majeure such as natural disasters, intentional, negligent, or misuse by the customer
It will be outside. (Warranty if the cause is strong wind)

【please note】

Due to the influence of the shooting environment, the color may look different between the photo and the actual product.


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