VAIN MOVE ワイヤレス充電可能な高音質Bluetoothイヤホン【aptX/ノイズキャンセル/連続9時間再生】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

VAIN MOVE Wireless rechargeable high-quality Bluetooth earphone [aptX / noise cancellation / continuous 9-hour playback]

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Now on special sale!

High-end earphones from Sweden VAIN MOVE

VAIN MOVE features an overwhelming battery capacity of 9 hours for continuous playback and 60 hours when using the case, and Qualcomm's aptX for immersive sound quality.

It is the best wireless earphone to send music that is indispensable to life to those who want to enjoy it without compromise.

スウェーデン発のハイエンド・イヤフォン VAIN MOVE

● The continuous playback time is 9 hours! Up to 60 hours when using the case! Overwhelming battery capacity
● Overwhelming music experience delivered by Qualcomm's aptX! Achieves realistic sound quality woven by high and low tones without time lag
● CVc technology cuts noise and realizes clear calls
● Stable connection and stress-free music life
● Stylish design from Sweden

I want to keep listening to music all the time at work without charging, I want to enjoy real sound with a sense of reality without a time lag, I want to decide on a stylish design because it is something that I can hear ...
Swedish audio brand "VAIN STHLM" introduces wireless earphones that send music that is indispensable to our lives to everyone who wants to enjoy it without compromise. "VAIN MOVE" will revolutionize your music life.

Popular in street interviews

Highly acclaimed by overseas media!

[VAIN MOVE] is the best device to replace high-end wireless earphones such as AirPods. Greatly transparent and powerful bass, clear mids, and very clear treble ... After a lot of testing, we were particularly impressed with the excellent sound.
by ntv (Germany)


Authentic wireless earphones from Sweden

Compared to products in its class, VAIN MOVE is an attractive product in terms of battery life, water resistance and price.

High performance Qualcomm QCC chipset

VAIN MOVE uses Qualcomm QCC, a high-performance chipset for wireless earphones. This high-performance chipset has achieved the following features:

1. Energy-saving technology enables continuous regeneration 30-40% longer than products of the same class. When used in combination with the included charging case, it can be used for up to 60 hours on a single full charge.
2. The QCC chipset supports the high-quality sound codec Qualcomm aptX. Even wireless earphones suppress the deterioration of sound quality.
3. QCC chipset supports cVc technology to improve the sound quality of voice calls. cVc reduces background noise when using the Move built-in microphone.
4. Achieves stable wireless communication that is not interrupted by Bluetooth 5.0.
5. The delay is extremely small, and it is designed so that the delay between video and audio is less noticeable when watching movies or playing games.

高性能なQualcomm QCCチップセット

The continuous playback time is 9 hours!
Stylish wireless earphones.

But isn't the number of continuous playback hours the biggest problem?
According to the research, the average continuous playback time of wireless earphones as of 2019 is 3 to 4 hours. However, "VAIN MOVE" is about 2 to 3 times as long as 9 hours! And with the case, you can keep listening to music for up to 60 hours without interruption!
In other words, with "VAIN MOVE", you can enjoy your favorite music almost all day long without having to remove the earphones from your ears as well as charging.

Charging time is only 2 hours. Standby time is a whopping 200 hours


Overwhelming music experience delivered by Qualcomm aptX!

Realizes realistic sound quality woven by high and low tones without time lag.
Qualcomm aptX, which has a reputation for high sound quality and almost no time lag, is used for the audio compression codec, which is the key to sound quality.
You can enjoy live music with a sense of realism because the range of high and low sounds hardly disappears.

Qualcomm aptXが届ける圧倒的な音楽体験!

Cut noise with cVc and realize clear calls

Have you ever had the experience of making a phone call or chatting in an online game, where the noise around you is so loud that you can't get what you want to say?
VAIN STHLM's "VAIN MOVE", whose mission is to deliver high-quality sound, solves such problems!
The built-in microphone is equipped with a cVc noise canceling function.
It is designed to convey your voice to the person you are talking to, even in noisy places such as windy days or busy streets.


Stable connection and stress-free music life

Even with the sound quality, if the connection with the music player is bad, your favorite music will be ruined.
That is why "VAIN MOVE" values a stable connection.
The connection range is 10m.
Even when you are moving violently, such as running, you can enjoy music comfortably with a solid connection.


Stylish design

Not to mention the excellent sound quality, the design is eye-catching.
If you open the lid of the heavy package, you will be fascinated by the simple design from Sweden, which is full of luxury.
Wearing this stylish wireless earphone from Scandinavia, you should not only enjoy deep music, but also feel the relaxed atmosphere created by the calm design.


Compatible with Siri because it boasts high performance

If you combine high sound quality with a simple and stylish design, compatibility with "iOS" is indispensable.
"VAIN MOVE" corresponds firmly to "Siri".
You can make your music life even more comfortable with just one word.


Waterproof structure that can withstand intense sports

I especially want to use wireless earphones when I move my body violently, such as running. However, when you move your body, "sweat", which is the natural enemy of machinery, comes out naturally. That is why "VAIN MOVE" is IPX5 waterproof and can withstand water spray. No matter how sweaty you get, the earphones will work.


Of course it also supports wireless charging

"VAIN MOVE" also supports wireless charging, which is now commonplace. When the battery is depleted, simply place the earphones together with the case on the wireless charger (sold separately).
* Wireless charging is compatible with Qi standard

It is also popular overseas!

● VAIN STHLM is a beautifully designed earphone with a really attractive and comfortable sound.
● The Swedish design of VAIN STHLM looks very stylish even if you hear it while commuting.
● VAIN STHLM earphones eliminate outside noise while providing deep bass, undisputed treble, and a perfectly balanced midrange.
● The sound quality of VAIN STHLM is amazing.
● I love listening to music with VAIN STHLM earphones. Whenever I buy earphones, I always use VAIN STHLM.
● This earphone that plays a wonderful bass will be a great gift for music lovers who are noisy in design.


Product Specifications

Communication standard, compatible codec Bluetooth® 5.0 + aptX ™
Built-in microphone Reduction of wind noise by DSP processing, echo cancellation
Voice command Siri compatible
Continuous playback time 9 hours
battery (Combined with charging case) 60 hours
Standby time 200 hours
Wireless charging case capacity 800 mAh
speaker 6 mm dynamic screwdriver
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz-20kHz
Impedance 32 Ω
Communicable distance 10m (in an environment without obstacles)
Country of origin China



VAIN STHLM is a headphone brand launched by two brothers, Mathias and Michael, who were born and raised as local DJs in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden.

[Redefinition of headphones]

Specializing in the manufacture of headphones, it offers a simple Swedish design and high sound quality. We will bridge the gap between mid-range and high-end brands so that you can experience high-quality sound more easily.

[Put the best sound quality in the smallest device possible]

Music is emotional. It will enrich our busy life. VAIN STHLM is pursuing a music device with the best sound quality that is practical and easy to carry in order to bring all the charms of music that we feel to our daily lives. Practical little headphones often come at the compromise of sacrificing sound quality. But that's the way music is like fast food. At VAIN STHLM, we bring the best sound quality to the smallest and most practical device possible without compromise.

[High quality born in Sweden]

Passion for creating immersive sound quality. Realization of high sound quality and functionality with a minimalist design typical of Sweden. Eyes that stick to every detail without compromising. They make up the sound of VAIN.


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