「Dr. Warm 発熱インソール」が「スーパーJチャンネル」にて紹介

"Dr. Warm fever insole" is introduced on TV Asahi "Super J Channel"!

Next-generation warmer "Dr. Warm heat-generating insole" that has a built-in electric heater and rechargeable battery to quickly warm your feet

You can transform your sneakers and boots into warmers just by replacing the insoles.
Moreover, it is a high-tech product that comes with a remote control and allows you to adjust the temperature while wearing it!

This time, "Dr. Warm fever insole" was introduced in the "Super J Channel" and "Trevaz" corners of TV Asahi! (Broadcast January 28, 2021)

Gloture also sells Dr. Warm gloves and socks. This also has a built-in electric heater and is fluffy.
The cold weather will continue due to the big cold wave, but let's survive the cold with Dr. Warm fever insoles, gloves and socks!

[Dr. Warm fever insole]

[Dr. Warm fever gloves]

[Dr. Warm fever socks]