Gloture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") handles customer's personal information based on the following "privacy policy". In order for customers to use the various services operated by the Company (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Services"), it is necessary to carefully read the "Privacy Policy" below and agree to the contents. I have. If you do not agree, we will refuse access to this service and use of this service.

About personal information

Personal information means information that can identify the individual customer and includes the following.

  1. Name, date of birth, gender, occupation, and other information that can identify a specific individual, as well as the address, phone number, account information (email address, password, etc.) used in connection with the specific personal information. Information such as nicknames, and personal information such as hobbies, family structure, age, and other personal attribute information.
  2. Information about your identity verification.
  3. Names, nicknames, email addresses, Facebook IDs, birthdays, genders, profile images, friend information on Facebook, and more that you can get if you license Facebook Connect and enter your Facebook ID and password. Information registered on your Facebook page.

Collection of acquired information

We may collect personal information and usage information (hereinafter referred to as "acquired information") of customers who use this service by the following methods. Regarding payment by credit card, we do not store credit card information because payment processing is performed on the system of each credit card company.

  1. We will collect the acquired information by entering the acquired information on this service.
  2. We will collect the acquired information by providing the acquired information to us by e-mail, mail, document, telephone, etc. In addition, when answering a call with a customer, the Group will record the call in order to improve the answering quality.
  3. We may collect history etc. when you use this service. This information includes information such as the URL used by the customer, the type and IP address of the browser or mobile phone, and the location information of the customer.
  4. We may collect your registration information from Facebook by entering your Facebook ID and password only if you consent to use Facebook Connect.

About management of acquired information

Persons engaged in the business of managing and using the acquired information at our company strictly manage the acquired information of customers, and prevent unauthorized access, loss, leakage, falsification, etc. of personal information. We will pay close attention to the handling and strive for its business.

About the purpose of using the acquired information

We will use the acquired information for the purpose of use notified to the customer when acquiring and collecting the acquired information, the purpose of use stipulated in the terms of use, or the following purposes.

  1. To contact and provide information on various matters related to this service.
  2. To provide this service.
  3. To simplify the information input required when registering as a user with this service.
  4. For information linkage between this service related to customer's application.
  5. To confirm the application for the e-mail delivery service and deliver the e-mail.
  6. To confirm and deliver your purchase regarding this service.
  7. To make bills, payments and confirmations regarding this service.
  8. To send a reward for the survey etc. that you cooperated with.
  9. To send prizes for the prizes you applied for.
  10. To investigate and analyze the usage status of this service.
  11. For improvement / improvement or new service development so that the content of this service can be more satisfied.
  12. To customize the content of this service to suit the customer.
  13. To investigate satisfaction with this service.
  14. To aggregate the information obtained by statistically processing the acquired information and publish it as a survey result.
  15. To deliver information and information about this service, new services and other various services.
  16. To request cooperation in the survey, participate in various events, and report the results.
  17. To solve problems in operating this service.

Disclosure of acquired information to third parties

We will disclose the acquired information to a third party in the following cases.

  1. In the case of disclosure of information on this service that we deem necessary to provide this service. The customer shall use the disclosed other customer's information only to the extent necessary for using this service in accordance with the terms of use of this service, and may use this to a third party without the prior consent of each customer. Do not disclose to. In addition, usage history and acquisition information will be disclosed for the period specified by the Company on this service.
  2. When we deem it necessary for the operation and provision of services.
  3. Delivery companies, payment agents, outsourced companies and other third parties for product delivery, payment, response to customer inquiries, inquiries from our company to customers, provision of related after-sales services, etc. When disclosing to.
  4. When requested by a court, administrative agency, regulatory agency or other public institution to provide the acquired information based on laws and regulations.
  5. When disclosing to a third party outsourced such investigation / analysis in order to investigate / analyze the usage status of this service.
    When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  6. For the distribution or display of advertisements of our company or third parties.
  7. In addition, if we determine that it is necessary to disclose the acquired information, we may disclose the acquired information with the consent of the customer.

About the use of "cookies, etc."

  1. With regard to cookie information, it is not possible to identify a specific individual by itself. When personal information is used together, it is considered as personal information.
  2. You can set whether to allow the use of cookies. Many web browsers automatically allow the use of cookies, but you can change your browser settings to prohibit the use of cookies. If you prohibit the use of cookies, you may not be able to use this service normally, or you may not be able to reflect the advertising settings that require cookies.
  3. We automatically receive information such as your cookie information, advertisements / pages viewed, your usage environment, etc. from your browser, record it on the server, automatically enter your e-mail address when logging in to this service, etc. We will use it to improve the convenience of the service, for security such as maintaining and protecting the session, to consider new services, and to make the content of the service and advertisement more suitable for the customer.

About the use of "log"

We collect IP addresses, browser types, browser languages, etc. that are automatically generated when you visit the Service. This information will be used to analyze the user environment and to provide better services and to prevent fraudulent activities that interfere with normal service provision. Records related to searches are stored and managed in a form that cannot identify individuals, and are used for purposes such as creating statistical data.

About the use of "device information"

We may collect device information such as individual identification information of the terminal. We will use this information to provide better services and to prevent fraudulent activities that interfere with normal service provision.

About information of minor customers

If the customer is a minor, parents, guardians or guardians (hereinafter referred to as "guardians") agree to the privacy policy and terms of use, and the customer agrees to the privacy policy and terms of use, etc. It is necessary to comprehensively agree to use this service based on the above.

About access from overseas

Please refrain from accessing this service from countries or regions where the use, management, operation method and contents of this service are inappropriate or illegal.

Revised date: January 25, 2019
Enactment date: April 27, 2015