GeeCrystal プラズマ ライト【雷光のようなエフェクトでインテリアを演出】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

GeeCrystal Plasma Light [Produce an interior with an effect like thunder light]

Sale price¥15,950
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The nostalgic toys that became popular in the 1980s are back!

GeeCrystal generates plasma in a glass sphere and creates an interior with an impressive tentacle-like light "plasma filament". increase.

Plasma filaments change in various ways over time, and the atmosphere is so fantastic that you can't help but look at it in a darkened room.

Also, when you touch the glass ball, the plasma filament makes a unique movement that is attracted to your finger.

The principle of plasma balls is deep in rare gas, electromagnetism, magnetohydrodynamics, etc., and it is highly recommended as an educational toy.

Responds not only to fingertips but also to sound

Gee Crystal also responds to music. When you slide the

switch to the "AUDIO" position, the plasma ball behaves like a music visualizer.
A unique pattern that swirls and pulsates in time with the beat.

Other features

[Large Plasma Globe] Gee Crystal is the perfect decoration for your bedroom, living room, office, or any other place.

[Touch Sensitive Plasma Gloves] Simply slide the switch to the "ON" position, and GeeCrystal responds to touch and conveys the plasma filament to your fingertips. It glows very beautifully in the dark.

[As a gift] Gee Crystal is a perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas. You can easily create a fantastic atmosphere.

Product specifications

Sphere size

5 inches

Voltage 12V
mode on, off, audio
Power Supply Power adapter
Material Plastic + glass
Country of manufacture China
Warranty 1 year


Keep conductors and electronic devices away from plasma balls. The glass ball may get hot.
Do not cover the glass ball with aluminum foil as it is dangerous. This product is designed for viewing in the factory state and is dangerous to use in combination with other items.





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