INDESTRUCTIBLE「Ares」洗練されたデザインに進化した安全靴【通気性抜群/超軽量/滑り止め/ミリタリーグレードの堅牢性】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
INDESTRUCTIBLE「Ares」洗練されたデザインに進化した安全靴【通気性抜群/超軽量/滑り止め/ミリタリーグレードの堅牢性】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

INDESTRUCTIBLE "Ares" Safety shoes that have evolved into a sophisticated design [excellent breathability / ultra-lightweight / non-slip / military grade robustness]

Sale price¥14,800
Size (cm):23.5
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Breathable all-season safety shoes are finally here

  • Even though it is a safety shoe, it has excellent breathability ⁉︎ Comfortable and unbreakable shoes even in the summer
  • Only 395-480g on one leg! Easy-to-move lightness at the level of sneakers
  • Easy to wear! easy to move! Amazing flexibility
  • The toes and soles are rugged and military grade
  • Non-slip function for peace of mind even on rainy days or wet sites

Heavy, hard, and the worst breathability ... A model that completely upsets the image of such safety shoes is now available from that unbreakable shoe, "INDESTRUCTIBLE"!
The new model "Ares" is a comfortable safety shoe that ensures as much breathability as possible while maintaining safety that does not break under any impact.
With the new shoes of "INDESTRUCTIBLE", let's run around every site comfortably and safely even in hot and humid weather!


Excellent breathability despite being safety shoes⁉ Comfortable and unbreakable shoes even in summer

The new model "Ares" effectively removes moisture with a mesh fabric that maximizes breathability.
Protects your feet from odors and stuffiness.

In addition, breathability is ensured even on the soles of shoes.
Moisture that cannot escape from the toes containing the iron core is maximized by the sole of the mesh fabric on the sole of the foot.
The double breathability of the shoe surface and sole provides a refreshing and comfortable fit even in hot and humid summers.

Only 395-480g on one leg! Lightness is like sneakers

The weight of one leg is 395 to 480g, which is almost the same as ordinary sneakers!
It's so comfortable and light that you don't mind wearing it all day at work.

Easy to wear! easy to move! Amazing flexibility

"INDESTRUCTIBLE" which pursues comfort and flexibility while being safety shoes.
The new model "Ares" is also easy to wear and has softness that makes it easy to move.

Except for the toes, the shoe sole is flexible enough to be folded 180 degrees.
Combined with the lightness of ordinary shoes, it is so soft that you will forget that it is a safety shoe.

The toes and soles are rugged and military grade

A new model of "INDESTRUCTIBLE" that is light and soft like ordinary sneakers with excellent breathability.
But of course, its durability remains the same.

The toes are equipped with durable steel so that they will never deform even if they are hit by a hammer, a blade of an electric cutter, or hit by a car.
The sole is made of military grade Kevlar material and is strong enough to be broken by stepping on a sharp nail.

Non-slip function for peace of mind even on rainy days or wet sites

Surprisingly, there are many sites where the floor gets wet due to rain.
If you slip and fall during work, it could lead to a serious accident.

That's why "Ares" has a solid non-slip function on the sole of the shoe.
The shoe sole, which is shaped with a special structure, can be firmly stepped on even on wet ground.

INDESTRUCTIBLE is very popular overseas!

It has an average rating of 5 stars overseas!

The uniquely structured sole softens various impacts on the sole of the foot.

Product Specifications

Model name Ares Black
size 23.5 to 29.0 cm
Weight (one leg) Approximately 480g (depending on size)

* Sizes are available from 23.5 cm to 29.0 cm. If you want to measure the size of your foot yourself, please select the model with an error of about ± 0.5 cm.
* Please note that the size and model color cannot be changed after the product arrives.


"Create shoes that are safe, cool, comfortable and protect your feet for decades"

After years of working on foot-intensive work, the INDESTRUCTIBLE development team wondered, "Why aren't there any work shoes on the market that we want?"
Upon examination, I found that work shoes had only a choice of sneakers, work boots, and non-slip shoes, and surprisingly I realized that there were no work shoes whose performance was "all-in-one."
That's why we came up with the development of INDESTRUCTIBLE sneakers.

INDESTRUCTIBLE sneakers are not only rugged enough to be used for years, but also designed to work in a variety of environments.
It is also designed to protect your feet from all dangers.

Our mission is to provide comfortable, stylish and safe work shoes designed to last for decades.
To that end, we are constantly searching for new designs, styles and footwear solutions.

We consider ourselves more than just a shoe maker.
We will continue to support the body and life of all people who are active in various environments by providing high-quality footwear.

frequently asked Questions

Q: Is there a warranty period?
A: We provide exchange service. If you find any damage or missing items on the received product, please contact customer support with a photo of the product within 7 days of the arrival of the product. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges (including changes in size and model color) for reasons that do not cause damage due to your own negligence or defects in the product.

please note

In the promotion video and product photo of this product, various verification experiments are conducted while wearing sneakers to demonstrate the performance, but it is very dangerous, so please do not intentionally imitate it.


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