USB3.1対応。クリエイティブ作業に最適な高速・高耐久の外付けSSD FLEDGING SHELL - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
USB3.1対応。クリエイティブ作業に最適な高速・高耐久の外付けSSD FLEDGING SHELL - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
USB3.1対応。クリエイティブ作業に最適な高速・高耐久の外付けSSD FLEDGING SHELL - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
USB3.1対応。クリエイティブ作業に最適な高速・高耐久の外付けSSD FLEDGING SHELL - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
USB3.1対応。クリエイティブ作業に最適な高速・高耐久の外付けSSD FLEDGING SHELL - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

Compatible with USB3.1. High-speed, high-durability external SSD FLEDGING SHELL ideal for creative work

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【please note】
● FLEDGING SHELL has a built-in SSD model and a SHELL-only model that does not include SSD. SHELL-only models use compatible third-party SSD drives. Please see "Compatible SSDs" for details.

● Apple's genuine internal SSD drive uses a unique connector, so it cannot be used in combination with this product. FLEDGING FEATHER M13 / M13 TURBO, which is a drive with built-in SSD for Apple products, cannot be used in combination with this product either.

FLEDGING SHELL is the world's fastest external storage device compatible with all devices with a USB port.
Experience incredible data transfer speeds!

Two models, FLEDGING SHELL and FLEDGING THUNDER SHELL, are available.

● FLEDGING SHELL that supports USB3.1 and can be used for various devices

● Thunderbolt 3 compatible, allowing you to pursue high-performance data transfer speeds FLEDGING THUNDER SHELL

Click here for the product page

* This product page introduces FLEDGING SHELL.

Uses USB 3.1. High speed FLEDGING SHELL

FLEDGING SHELL is one of the fastest external storage devices among PC peripherals. Using the new USB 3.1 technology, FLEDGING SHELL can read and write data at speeds of up to 950MB per second, making it the perfect external drive for gaming and video distribution.
* When combined with SSDs made by other companies, the data transfer speed depends on the performance of the SSD.

FLEDGING SHELL is compatible

FLEDGING SHELL is compatible with all machines with a USB port. From computer to console. For the best performance, please use a USB port that supports USB 3.1.

FLEDGING SHELL has excellent heat exhaust performance

Unlike competing products, FLEDGING SHELL uses active cooling. This maximizes the performance of the SSD and prevents overheating that can cause SSD failure.

Built-in low noise fan, positively exhaust heat from SSD!

Compatible SSD

Please be sure to check if you select "Case only" for FLEDGING SHELL. When using FLEDGING SHELL in combination with SSDs made by other companies, only SSDs that meet the following specifications can be used.
The warranty does not cover compatibility issues when combined with SSDs made by other companies.

Logical interface
Form factor
Corresponding size
Width 22mm Length 30, 42, 60, 80mm
2230, 2242, 2260, 2280

[Operation confirmed SSD]

Product Specifications

* We are not responsible for data loss caused by an accident during use. Please note.


Q: Can I use FLEDGING SHELL on PS4 and Xbox One?
A: Yes, FLEDGING SHELL is compatible with game consoles, PCs and Apple machines.

Q: I already own a third-party NVMe SSD. Can I buy FLEDGING SHELL and use my drive?
A: Yes, it also includes a screwdriver that is easy to install if it's a compatible product.

Q: My computer doesn't have a USB 3.1 port. Can I use FLEDGING SHELL?
A: Yes, FLEDGING SHELL is backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports. This means it is compatible with almost any USB device. However, when using USB 2.0, read and write speeds are limited to approximately 500MB / s.

Q: Can I use an old Apple SSD in the shell?
A: No. FLEDGING SHELL is an enclosure for M.2 NVMe and is not compatible with Apple's own connectors.

Q: What is the enclosure made of?
A: The FLEDGING SHELL enclosure is made of brushed aluminum anodized aluminum.

Q: It seems that the actual usable capacity is smaller than the value stated on the product.
A: The stated capacity of the product is the design capacity, and it depends on the type of file system used for formatting, but after formatting, the actual capacity that can be used will be smaller.

Q: The writing speed and reading speed will be significantly slower.
A: If you are using Windows, you need to enable the write cache. Please try the following.

Right-click the FLEDGING SHELL drive from the disk drive in Device Manager and select Properties. Select "High Performance" on the "Policy" tab.

FLEDGING is a startup specializing in storage solutions for Mac and PC, based in Birmingham, Alabama.
Starting with an internal storage solution, FLEDGING's products serve 2,200 customers in 70 countries on six continents.
To fulfill our mission to deliver high quality products for everyone, as FLEDGING's high customer satisfaction shows.
We firmly believe that pursuing customer satisfaction is the best path.





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