XINZUO®︎「67層ダマスカス鋼 高級包丁マスターセット」 まるで刀!缶をも切り裂く高級包丁を銘入れで一生ものに 【銘入れ/長持ち&強靭な刃/錆びつき防止/高級持ち手/ギフトにも】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
XINZUO®︎「67層ダマスカス鋼 高級包丁マスターセット」 まるで刀!缶をも切り裂く高級包丁を銘入れで一生ものに 【銘入れ/長持ち&強靭な刃/錆びつき防止/高級持ち手/ギフトにも】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
XINZUO®︎「67層ダマスカス鋼 高級包丁マスターセット」 まるで刀!缶をも切り裂く高級包丁を銘入れで一生ものに 【銘入れ/長持ち&強靭な刃/錆びつき防止/高級持ち手/ギフトにも】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
XINZUO®︎「67層ダマスカス鋼 高級包丁マスターセット」 まるで刀!缶をも切り裂く高級包丁を銘入れで一生ものに 【銘入れ/長持ち&強靭な刃/錆びつき防止/高級持ち手/ギフトにも】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
XINZUO®︎「67層ダマスカス鋼 高級包丁マスターセット」 まるで刀!缶をも切り裂く高級包丁を銘入れで一生ものに 【銘入れ/長持ち&強靭な刃/錆びつき防止/高級持ち手/ギフトにも】 - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

XINZUO®︎ "67-layer Damascus steel luxury kitchen knife master set" It's like a sword! A high-class kitchen knife that can cut through cans for a lifetime [Inscription / long-lasting & tough blade / rust prevention / high-class handle / gift]

Sale price¥20,000
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Turn your amazing sharpness into a lifelong treasure
  • The sharpness of a lifetime realized by high-grade 67-layer Damascus steel
  • A tough finish by vacuum heat treatment
  • Golden angle and water sharpening technology for sharper sharpness and durability
  • Rust prevention processed! Handmade sharpness forever
  • Beautiful and easy-to-grip handle of Sycamore material
  • If it is a set, engrave your favorite words on the blade! Only one kitchen knife in the world in your hand
  • Perfect for gifts! We will send it in a luxurious cosmetic box

    The luxury kitchen knife with that inscription privilege is back!

    A new model has appeared from that "XINZUO®︎" kitchen knife, which gained popularity due to its surprising sharpness and inscription benefits!
    This time, as a "master set", we will deliver it with a handle that is easier to grip and a more luxurious design!

    Of course, we also have an inscription privilege this time! You can put your favorite words in it and make it a treasure or gift for your home.

    Make the "67-layer Damascus steel high-class kitchen knife master set" of XINZUO®︎ the only original kitchen knife in the world, and experience its sharpness!

    The sharpness that cuts through not only ingredients but also cans and PET bottles.

    We will deliver to you a high-class Damascus knife with this amazing sharpness and a unique pattern that shines beautifully, with your favorite words inscribed.

    The sharpness of a lifetime of high-grade 67-layer Damascus steel

    High-grade 67-layer Damascus steel (10Cr15CoMoV) whose sharpness is evaluated alongside Japanese swords.
    The main materials in the center are chromium (Cr), which increases corrosion resistance, cobalt (Co) and vanadium (V), which enhance wear resistance, and molybdenum (Mo), which realizes durable sharpness.

    Both sides of the core blade are coated with 33 layers of stainless steel. This achieves overwhelming sharpness and durability.

    Hardness is 60 ± 2HRC, which is durable and easy to use.
    Not only can you chop all the ingredients into stones, but you can also cut the paper of fluttering or halve cans and PET bottles.

    Please take the "67-layer Damascus steel high-class kitchen knife master set" and be amazed at its sharpness.

    Tough finish by vacuum heat treatment

    The secret of toughness is how to process it. Blades that are normally formed only by heat treatment are processed by vacuum heat treatment.
    This allowed us to further increase hardness, sharpness, and durability.

    Sharper sharpness and durability with golden angle and water sharpening technology

    In order to improve the sharpness and durability of the blade, polishing is performed by manual water polishing.
    The tip is aligned with a golden angle of 15 °, which is hard to chip and realizes sharper sharpness (*).

    * Only for bread knives, the angle of the tip is 30 °.

    Rust prevention processed! Handmade sharpness forever

    Rust-prevention processed to keep the sharpness and brilliance of high-class Damascus steel forever. The sharpness unique to handmade products will last forever.

    Beautiful and easy-to-grip handle of Sycamore material

    The handle is made of Sycamore wood, which is also used for that high-class violin, Stradivarius.
    The natural texture of wood spreads in the palm of your hand, making the cooking mood even more enjoyable.

    A streamlined shape that matches the shape of the hand is used so that the shape is easy to grip. It is polished one by one by craftsmen.

    Engrave your favorite words on the blade! Only one kitchen knife in the world in your hand

    You can write your favorite words on the knife blade if you like!
    Put your name and inscription on the table and get the only kitchen knife in the world!

    * If you wish to inscribe, we will contact you by email from customer support after ordering, so please reply (if you do not reply, shipping will be delayed).

    * Caution * Please be sure to read
    • Please enter up to 10 characters in total when ordering. Processing by submitting image data is not accepted.
    • Character types are kanji, hiragana, katakana, alphabets, and numbers.
    • The actual character design is a typeface sample.
    • The character position and character size are adjusted by the factory depending on the convenience of the processing equipment.
    • Processing is only on one side of the blade.
    • If you order multiple knives, they will all have the same character content. The contents cannot be changed for each kitchen knife.
    • We cannot re-correct the design unless the message content is incorrect due to a mistake on the factory side.

      Perfect for gifts! Send in a luxurious vanity case

      "67-layer Damascus steel luxury kitchen knife master set" is delivered in a luxurious cosmetic box. It is also ideal for wedding gifts, moving gifts, and gifts for parents.

      Please give this lifelong kitchen knife as a gift with a heartfelt message to your loved ones!


      Fruit knives

      A kitchen knife with a small turning radius that specializes in peeling fruits and cutting fruits.
      It is characterized by being small and light.

      Utility knife

      A versatile, easy-to-use knife that is larger than a fruit knife and smaller than a Santoku knife.
      Because it is small, it not only works like a fruit knife, but it can also be used for simple vegetable dishes.

      Santoku Knife

      The most common kitchen knife, which can be used for a wide range of ingredients such as meat, vegetables and fish.

      Chef knife

      One of the most commonly used kitchen knives in Europe.
      Mainly meat, this can also be used for various ingredients.

      Bread knife

      It can be used for various breads such as bread and French bread.

      Set contents
      Set of 3
      (Inscription compatible)
      Utility knife, Santoku knife, chef knife
      5-piece set
      (supports inscription)
      Fruit knives, utility knives, Santoku knives, chef knives, bread knives

      Product specifications
      Cutting edge 67-layer Damascus steel (10Cr15CoMoV)
      pattern Sycamore
      Hardness 60-62HRC
      Sharpness level 6.0-8.0N International Level
      Manufacturing Guangdong, China

      XINZUO®︎ kitchen knives are highly evaluated overseas!

      M, Bulgaria ★★★★★
      XINZUO knives are like art! I don't think it's inferior to decorating the wall as art. The level is different compared to the German kitchen knives I bought a long time ago. A 5 star rating is not enough!

      L, Norway ★★★★★
      This knife is of very good quality and I am very satisfied.

      A, USA ★★★★★
      Manufacturers are very reliable and products are very high quality and professional.

      R, England ★★★★★
      The quality is the best! The blade was sharpened so that I could shave off the hair that had grown on my arm with just one swing. The handle is well polished, the blade is shiny, and the pattern is very beautiful. Of course, it also looks luxurious. Even if you send it to someone as a gift, you will surely be pleased!

      M, Australia ★★★★★
      The quality of the product is very good and you can feel the professional skills of craftsmen.

      Make everyday cooking more enjoyable with one of the world's finest kitchen knives

      Kitchen knives are used almost every time you cook.
      That's why, if you use it anyway, why not use a kitchen knife that you will love for a lifetime?

      XINZUO®︎'s "67-layer Damascus steel high-class kitchen knife master set" is not only sharp but also durable.
      If you give your own inscription to the beautiful brilliant pattern unique to Damascus steel, it will be a treasure for a lifetime.

      While the opportunities to cook at home without going out are increasing, please take this "67-layer Damascus steel high-class kitchen knife master set" and enjoy the sharpness of anything.
      Cooking should be more fun and rich in the face of amazing sharpness.


      Impress your life with Takumi's technique

      XINZUO®︎ is a manufacturer of professional craftsmen who produce and develop various types of kitchen knives.
      Currently, it has a history of more than 20 years and is based in Yangjiang, China, which is famous as a kitchen knife town.
      All products comply with international standards and are highly evaluated in various markets around the world.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Is there a warranty period?

      A: We provide exchange service under limited conditions. If you find any damage or missing items on the received product, please contact customer support with a photo of the product within 7 days of the arrival of the product.Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges (including changes in model colors) for reasons that do not cause damage due to your own negligence or defects in the product.

      If you wish to return, exchange, refund or repair, please be sure to contact us in advance. If the product is returned to us without prior notice, we will not accept returns or exchanges. In this case, we will not bear the delivery fee when returning it to the customer. Please note.


      Do not use this product for the purpose of cutting bones or hard foods. It may damage the blade and make it difficult to cut. Also, do not hit the ingredients on the side of this product.

      To ensure that the kitchen knife does not rust, do not leave this product in an acidic or corrosive liquid such as tomato juice or lemon juice for a long time.

      After use, wash the product clean, wipe it with a dry cloth, and store it in a dry and well-ventilated place. Do not use the dishwasher.

      In order to keep the sharpness better, it is recommended to use different knives according to the ingredients.

      If you feel that the knife has become dull, sharpen the blade with a whetstone. The sharpness will be the same as when you purchased it.

      Do not touch the blade with your fingers or hands to check the sharpness. It may cause injury.

      The photos on this page may differ from the actual colors due to the effects of light at the time of shooting. note that.

      Please note that this product is handmade, so the patterns may differ slightly from individual to individual.

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