ファン内蔵で呼吸が楽々。PM2.5を濾過するハイテクマスク ナノブリーズ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
ファン内蔵で呼吸が楽々。PM2.5を濾過するハイテクマスク ナノブリーズ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
ファン内蔵で呼吸が楽々。PM2.5を濾過するハイテクマスク ナノブリーズ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
ファン内蔵で呼吸が楽々。PM2.5を濾過するハイテクマスク ナノブリーズ - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

Easy to breathe with built-in fan. High-tech mask that filters PM2.5 Nano Breeze

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Introducing a high-tech mask that makes breathing easy!

"Nano Breeze" thoroughly removes PM2.5.
Protect yourself from harmful substances with technology and breathe fresh air anytime, anywhere.

● The model with TURBO FAN has a built-in electric fan, so you can breathe comfortably.
● The lithium battery is rechargeable and can be used continuously for up to 6 hours.
● The filter is fixed with a magnet and can be easily replaced.
● Silicone material is used for the part that comes into close contact with the face to achieve a comfortable fit.


Farewell to breathlessness with two-step air volume adjustment

"Nano Breeze" can select the amount of air taken into the mask from two types, normal mode and power mode.
Normal mode is for use in daily life, and power mode is for intense breathing such as during exercise.
By using different modes according to the situation, you can continue to breathe clean air at any time without feeling stuffy.


Built-in fast charging & long-life lithium battery


Cleans the air at high speed

A powerful turbofan circulates the air inside the mask to every corner.


Breathing smoother with 360 ° omnidirectional ventilation

The low noise brushless motor fan allows a pleasant breeze to circulate 360 ° in all directions.



Easy filter replacement with magnet-mounted cover


Silicone material provides a soft feel

By using silicon for the mounting part, not only is it comfortable to wear without stress, but it also prevents air from leaking to the outside.


Can be used for both ear and head

The adjustable length silicone strap and the fall-prevention design make it comfortable for anyone to wear.
By adjusting the strap, you can wear it on your head or ear as you like.


The silicone strap is odorless, gentle on the skin, and boasts strong elasticity and strength, so you can feel a very comfortable fit.

Long-lasting filter

Built-in replaceable high-performance nanofiber filter inside.
The filter can be used continuously for 2 to 3 weeks for mild air pollution such as PM2.5, and for about 1 week for severe air pollution.


Includes nanofiber filter for about 3 months

Includes 4 nanofiber filters that thoroughly filter the air.
Under mild air pollution, it can be used for a total of about 3 months.


Delicate and solid design


Conduct a thorough test

For filters, we tested the removal performance of bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms.


Line up

Two models are available, with Turbo Fan and without Turbo Fan.
The one with Turbo Fan has a built-in electric fan to reduce the burden of breathing.

Product Specifications

対スモッグ効果:99% フィルター素材:ナノ繊維 フィルター使用時間:軽度汚染は2〜3週間、重度汚染は約1週間 フィルター付属枚数:交換用3枚を含む4枚 逆止め弁:専用逆止め弁 サイズ:88.3 ×71×106.6mm 充電圧:DC5V 定格電圧:3.7V 連続使用時間:4-6時間 充電時間:約4時間 充電状態:白色LEDが点滅 充電完了時:白色LEDが点灯

PM2.5および有害粒子、塩、油のろ過効率:95%以上 屋外、台所、工場、建設現場、等の大気汚染場所で使用できます。フィルターカートリッジは消耗品であり、汚染状況に応じて定期的に交換する必要があります。

please note

● For hygiene reasons, Nano Breeze cannot be returned after shipping (including unopened).
● Described on the product Observe the precautions for use, Wear the mask so that it is in close contact with your face.
● Do not modify or use this mask under any circumstances.
● This product has not been tested for filtration using coronavirus.





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