iMacを最適な高さに調整できる! 洗練された外観のOakywood 木製モニタースタンド - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
iMacを最適な高さに調整できる! 洗練された外観のOakywood 木製モニタースタンド - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル
iMacを最適な高さに調整できる! 洗練された外観のOakywood 木製モニタースタンド - MODERN g | 近未来のライフスタイル

You can adjust your iMac to the optimal height! Oakywood wooden monitor stand with a sleek look

Sale price¥11,550
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Ergonomic premium monitor stand handcrafted from solid wood

The height of the monitor can be raised by about 9 cm, improving work performance and reducing the strain on the eyes and neck.

With incredibly powerful and advanced wood joining technology, it can withstand loads up to 100kg!

There is space at the bottom of the monitor stand to store things, so you can keep your desk neat and tidy.
The monitor stand is made of genuine solid wood finished in natural oil. Since the wood surface is not filled with paint, it has an incredibly natural look.



● Improve work performance: Optimize monitor height to reduce eye and neck strain
● Natural oil finish: Incredibly high quality and natural look
● Handmade from genuine solid wood
● Cork protective pad on the bottom: The desk will not be scratched

互換性 スタンド部の寸法が次に適合する卓上設置型のモニター ならびにiMacに対応:接地面積が35×23cm以下 耐荷重 最大100kgまで


By connecting the three trees at a soft angle, we have achieved an attractive and stylish appearance. Craftsmen choose solid walnut or oak and handcraft it. By polishing it by hand to achieve the natural brilliance of wood, it has an appeal suitable for interior production.

Premium look stand

Made of genuine solid wood finished with ecological oils and waxes, the wood surface is not filled with paint for an incredibly natural and premium look.


It is also popular overseas

美しく、頑丈でエレガントです by Elizabeth A. 美しくて頑丈でエレガントです。美しくて頑丈でエレガントです。  美しく上品なデザイン by MMark M. 美しくエレガントなデザインとよく美しくエレガントなデザインと巧みに作られています。これは私の机への本当に素晴らしい追加であり、すべてを整然と整理しておくのに役立ちます。

Line up


Would you like to create a desk area with sophisticated woodwork products made by Oakywood?


Product Specifications

(長さ×幅×高さ)45×23×9 cm 35×23 cm 木材は天然素材であるため、スタンドの色や木目は多少異なる場合があります ポーランド、EUで手作り

Oakywood Woodworking Company is located in the magnificent mountainous region of Podare in Chiche, Poland. Our company's mission is to provide the world with exquisite and unique wooden accessories that are not only beautiful, modern and original, but also functional.

Oakywood was born out of a passion for extraordinary design and handmade woodworking traditions. In Podare, woodworking has been a centuries-old tradition, usually passed down from father to son for decades and generations. We wanted to be an environmentally friendly, modern, technical and exquisite brand. We hope you will love our brand as much as we do.


[Dreams realized: The beginning]

Oakywood had a small start when the company's founder, Mateusz Haberny, entered college. He wanted to own and run his own company, so he started his dream with the help of his brother. The younger brothers realized that woodworking was a lot of fun from an early age because their father owned the woodworking. A workshop next to their house. They were young boys, but their father taught them everything they needed to know about working with wood. And from there, they didn't stop.
When Mateusz came up with sketches and prototypes of the company's first product (a wooden iPhone docking station) and received rave reviews from friends and family, he quickly knew what to do. He had to build on his dream of realizing Oakley Wood. And in this way, Oakywood was on the road to birth.

[At the time of establishment]

Mateusz has decided to sell his first product, the iPhone Wooden Phone Docking Station, online on its website. Thousands of merchants around the world sell their products on this website. Mateusz went on sale when it seemed like there was no time at all. And his product was praised by his customers. At that time, he realized that he needed to create a wider range of wooden accessories, and he did just that to meet the demand. From there, products such as wooden laptop stands, wooden phone cases, wooden headphone stands, wooden tablet stands, wooden iPhone stands, and wooden charging stands were created.

Sales have increased and product inventories have increased. Our company had so many orders that he needed to get the help of his brother, who is now his right arm. They run Oakywood together and really enjoy brainstorming new product ideas every day.

[From the humble beginning to the online store]

It didn't take long before Oakywood needed its own online store. Today, Oakywood is working on a variety of collaborations around the world, as well as new and innovative wood accessories and wood products for loyal customers. From the beginning, Oakywood has focused on domestic and international customer relationships, resulting in the formation of an international team for the benefit of the company. Everyone is young, creative, and has a fierce passion and commitment. It is an integral part of running a successful company in today's ever-evolving market.

We take pride in maintaining impeccable customer service, and above all, maintain customer satisfaction. It is our pleasure to offer any of our products. Look around and bring some of Oakley Wood back into your life. Our products make great gifts for young and old-and the classic look of our wooden accessories will never be out of date. Elegant and timeless Oakywood is here.


Oakywood is planting trees

So far, 2600 trees have been planted.

The natural environment is always very important to us. For this reason, from the beginning of Oakywood's activities, we have been trying to gradually implement eco-solutions and contribute to the benefit of nature. Efforts to maintain sustainable production are important to us.


[Return to Mother Nature]

Our timber comes from sustainable sources in Europe and the United States and is FSC certified. But I felt it wasn't enough and didn't give Mother Nature enough. That's why, along with the One Tree Planted organization, we plant one tree for each product we purchase.

[1 product = 1 tree]

Yes! It's that easy! You buy one product from Oakywood and allocate a portion of this income to plant one tree! You can do good things to the environment while buying the product for yourself. It is not great?

Our mission is to plant one planet at a time. All products sold mean that one tree has been planted. We also aim to raise awareness of the importance of trees and motivate the younger generation to do good things for the environment. I think even a small step is important.


[Role played by trees]

Do you know how important trees are to all of us? Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitats for more than 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. It also provides work to more than 1.6 billion people, absorbs harmful carbon from the atmosphere and is the main ingredient in 25% of all medicines.

One of the tree plantings we work with is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Established in 2014, the number of trees planted has more than doubled year-on-year. To this day, they are now working with great reforestation partners in many countries to help restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities and protect biodiversity habitats. I am.


Depending on the project, their partners will select the best tree species for planting and work with the local community to bring them to the ground. Planting is usually done during the rainy season when the soil is wet, providing optimal conditions for tree survival. You may select the project you want to participate in. One Plant Planted has reforestation projects in North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Oakywood recently planted 2500 trees in Australia and 100 trees in the Andes. We are happy to be involved in such a great project!
Thank you for your cooperation in planting trees!

-Founder of Mateusz Haberny Oakywood-

We also carry Oakywood products!





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